There's good, there's great, and there's best. Best Bar None is a voluntary program for nightlife venues, designed to keep staff and patrons safe while recognizing excellence in the industry. Working with other establishments, government bodies, and law enforcement, a Best Bar None accredited establishment has taken steps to make sure their business is held to the highest levels of safety and quality. Through rigorous assessment, accreditation and awards, Best Bar None helps make sure your favourite nightlife venues have you covered.

Unique new category added to the Best Bar None program

Best Bar None has added an interesting new category to the growing program.

The Event Venue category was introduced to the program after a discussion with one of the program's accredited stakeholders - Northlands Park. The Northlands group joined Best Bar None in 2014 when their Casino operation achieved accreditation - and earned the inaugural Best Casino title. They wondered if their Edmonton Expo Centre could pursue BBN accreditation - they found the review of industry best practices was helpful to their operations.

So the BBN Event Venue category was created, with its own unique Checklist, slightly different than the Criteria Checklist used for the bars, pubs and clubs in BBN. This checklist reflects the differences between these operations and a 'bar'.

An "Event Venue" is certainly different than a typical bar, pub or club:

  • They are only operational when an event (concert, conference, dramatic performance, ballet, corporate booking, etc.) is booked.
  • Events at a venue are different from night to night, offering different challenges and issues.
  • Guests usually arrive and depart en masse before and after events, creating potential crowding problems.
  • Alcohol service may or may not be part of the event.

But bars and Event Venues do share some things in common:

  • Guest - and staff - safety is still a priority.
  • Crowd management and supervision is important.
  • When liquor is served, responsible liquor service is practiced.
  • Customer service and a top-notch guest experience is essential.

The Event Venue category was introduced in Edmonton when four different Event Venues earned Best Bar None accreditation at the 6th Annual Best Bar None Accreditation and Awards Event on November 26, 2015.

The category will be introduced to Calgary and Grande Prairie in 2016.

Here are the current accredited Best Bar None Event Venues:

Best Bar None Event Venue category
Century Casino Showroom
Edmonton Expo Centre
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Union Hall


Mary Ann Debrinski, City of Edmonton Director, Urban Renewal with the inaugural BBN Event Venue accredited group.
November 26, 2015

You can see all the current Best Bar None accredited bars on the BBN website - you can search by City, Location or Category to find your new favourite spot.

January 28, 2016