There's good, there's great, and there's best. Best Bar None is a voluntary program for nightlife venues, designed to keep staff and patrons safe while recognizing excellence in the industry. Working with other establishments, government bodies, and law enforcement, a Best Bar None accredited establishment has taken steps to make sure their business is held to the highest levels of safety and quality. Through rigorous assessment, accreditation and awards, Best Bar None helps make sure your favourite nightlife venues have you covered.

Updated for 2016 after feedback from accredited venues, program partners

As part of the ongoing evolution of the Best Bar None program, an updated version of the Best Bar None Criteria Checklist has been released.

The Criteria Checklist spells out the standard expected of a Best Bar None-caliber licensed premises. It is the measuring tool used to determine not only if a bar can be accredited, but also who is eligible for award consideration.

The Checklist features over 100 best practices, at least half of which are Mandatory to gain accreditation. Each of these best practices help a licensed establishment become safer for guests and staff, better run and more welcoming to the neighbourhood and community.

The best practices run the gamut from fire safety to staff training to signage on the walls.

Accompanying the Checklist is the updated Criteria Explanation booklet, which 'builds a case' for each of the criteria items, describing how each item can reduce harm or negative impacts to the community and increase safety.

In order to update the Checklist, over 125 BBN-accredited premises were asked for feedback. As well, Best Bar None partners (including municipal, police and fire regulators) provided input and feedback into the changes.

New items have been added to the list as well as removing or re-writing others to reflect industry and regulator feedback.

The new Checklist will be used in all existing and future Best Bar None regions starting this August 2016.

July 22, 2016