Best Staff, Best Bars

The Other Side Sports Bar at Hotel Blackfoot

How long have you been involved in the industry?

I started when I was fifteen, so it has been a while! My older brother got me my first job at a restaurant. I started as a hostess, busser, runner, and expediter. And then, of course as soon I was 19 in Saskatchewan, I started serving and bartending in a little pub while at university.

How long have you worked at The Other Side Sports Pub?

Just over three years. I started out bartending and moved to head bartender. Within the past couple of months I was promoted to supervisor.

What major changes have you noticed in the industry?

The Best Bar None program and the steps taken to ensure safety and responsibility within the industry. I remember a time when the status quo was to bring people a drink when the glass was still half full. It was “don’t wait, get them another drink” - which is an irresponsible way to conduct a business.

Nowadays, staff and owners are more aware of the responsibilities to their patrons and the liability of forgetting those responsibilities and it’s not just about liability and worrying about losing your licence or getting sued. It’s making sure that people get home, safe and sound to their families and friends.

How has Best Bar None helped you do your job?

Having something that backs us up has made the biggest difference. Best Bar None has made a big difference in supporting us to do our job. If someone starts getting lippy about not being able to have another drink or being angry because they’ve been ID’d, I will just mention that it is my job and I have to do it.

Best Bar None gives us a foundation. The program educates us, is always there for us and encourages us to do the right thing.